by Giorgio Sana

frames per second


Only 0.5% impression recovery

  • Only 0.5% impression recovery: no more problems with detachment, pulling, tearing, contact of the tooth with the impression tray
  • Several intermediate steps eliminated: choice of impression tray, distribution, material setting time, disinfection, physical sending of impressions
  • Optimization of the choice of orthodontic treatment plan
    Reduced chairside orthodontic appliance installation time
  • High precision digital impressions
  • 6000 frames per second
  • Exceptional fit of prostheses and orthodontic appliances
Patient comfort
  • No gag reflex
  • More materials in the mouth
  • No more unpleasant taste of the impression material
  • Real-time, 3D and color visualization of your dental impression
  • Modeling and validation as soon as the impression is taken by the patient of the final orthodontic result
  • Optimization of information flow between orthodontist, dental technician and patient
  • Disposable mouthpiece
  • Reduced risk of cross contamination


  • Virtual simulation of different orthodontic treatment plans
  • Choosing the best possible treatment option
  • Visualization of the final aesthetic and occlusal result
  • Modification of the dental aesthetic objectives of the patient, at his request, in real time
  • Dynamic occlusion analysis and virtual articulators
  • Design and manufacture of orthodontic appliances
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