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Finance plans and costs

by Wolfgang JOHANNES

Deciding to invest in your smile could not be easier with our convenient, interest-free, monthly payment instalments. You pay an initial fee at the beginning of your treatment and take care of the balance with monthly instalments that can be paid throughout your treatment.

At Orthodontie MC20 we offer:

  •  flexible payment options
  •  small monthly instalments
  •  interest free-accounts
  •  discount for up-front payments (maximum discount applies)*
  •  orthodontic treatment and retention included in the fee estimate
  •  discount for immediate family members


As a general rule, insurance funds do not reimburse orthodontic treatments. For special cases (disability from birth) who meet specific criteria, orthodontic costs will be covered by disability insurance until their 20th birthday.

Most funds offer complementary insurance, which largely reimburses (depending on your type of contract) orthodontic treatment for children. Any subscription must be made during childhood, even if the treatment is planned for later.

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