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Invisalign: why choose the invisible appliance

by Chiara Mastroleo

Before understanding what are the advantages of Invisalign, and why chooses the invisible appliance, let’s understand what Invisalign is. Not everyone knows that it is a system of transparent polymer aligners built from the patient’s dental impression to help the teeth move week after week.

For this reason, the dentists at the MC20 Outpatient Clinic change the masks every two weeks to reduce treatment times by 50%, ranging from 6 to 18 months. However, to get quick results with the invisible appliance, it is vital to wear it 22/23 hours a day, removing it only for eating and for oral hygiene with a brush and dental floss.

One of the advantages of the invisible appliance is precisely the possibility of removing the aligners and the fact that it is not an invasive orthodontic treatment, with the risk of abrasions in the mouth caused by the metal wires of the fixed appliance. So, let’s see when to choose Invisalign and the advantages of this solution for aligning crooked teeth.

When to choose the invisible Invisalign dental appliance

The fact that it is an innovative system for straightening crooked teeth does not mean that Invisalign can solve all the problems of the patient’s dentition. MC20 dentists recommend the use of the invisible appliance in case of:

  • diastema, i.e. excessive space between the teeth and in particular between the incisors of the upper arch:
  • dental crowding, or the situation whereby the teeth are crossed;
  • deep bite, with the upper teeth superimposed on the lower ones; 
  • reverse or crossbite, with the lower dentition protruding over the upper one unnaturally.

These are situations in which the use of the invisible Invisalign appliance is particularly effective and allows the problem to be solved with an orthodontic treatment that lasts from a few months to a few years.

All the advantages of the invisible Invisalign appliance

Invisalign is suitable for all those who want to improve their smile, as it is an aesthetically less invasive treatment. The device is transparent, invisible, and mobile, with masks that can be put on and taken off at any time as needed.

For this reason, the advantages of Invisalign include great comfort and facilitated oral hygiene, as well as the possibility of cleaning the appliance itself. The advantages of Invisalign are, in brief:

  • low aesthetic impact, since it is not invasive and is invisible;
  • ease of phonation in a natural way since the mask adheres perfectly to the teeth;
  • precise, predictable, and gradual action;
  • ability to remove it for meals, oral hygiene, and other occasions;
  • easy cleaning of the mouth with brush and dental floss and of the appliance itself.

Compared to traditional braces, Invisalign has numerous advantages and because it is transparent, it is better accepted by adults and teenagers who do not want to compromise the smile with a fixed metal brace.

If you too want to straighten your teeth, correct the bite and rediscover the beauty of your smile, then you just have to contact MC20’s dentists to find out, after a detailed analysis of your situation, if the invisible Invisalign appliance is also suitable for your case.

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