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Orthodontics and psychological impact: the relationship

by Chiara Mastroleo

When we go to our dentist for orthodontic treatment, we have to keep in mind that not just the goal to get straight teeth and a healthy mouth needs to be considered, but also the path. Effective orthodontic treatment, according to the dentists of the MC20 Outpatient Clinic, is the one that is best experienced not only from a medical point of view but also from a psychological point of view.

The tooth brace is the means to achieve the result we want, and from time to time, it will be the dentist who will identify the best solution for the kid, teenager, or adult between fixed, mobile, and invisible devices.

Types of device and psychological impact on the patient

Surely, the most effective appliance is the fixed one with metal brackets glued to the teeth and tied by a metal wire. However, it is also the device with the most visible aesthetic impact, and it is the dentist’s task to make the patient understand the importance of enduring some time to achieve the desired result.

The mobile device, on the other hand, is characterized by a different use than the fixed device, even if to achieve the desired result it must be used for a long period. In most cases, it is the patient who chooses to use a mobile device, but without perseverance and determination, this orthodontic treatment is unlikely to achieve the goal.

Finally, there are invisible appliances, which work especially for those patients who are unwilling to wear a traditional fixed or mobile device. These clear aligners are a good compromise, and just like the fixed brace, they should always be worn. Invisible braces can only be removed to eat and brush your teeth, and the low aesthetic impact makes them a particularly appreciated technological aid.

The characteristics of Invisalign, the evolution of the orthodontic appliance

Even if when you think about the psychological discomfort in wearing the braces you imagine the adolescent or the child, it is more and more adults who find themselves solving functional or skeletal dental problems. Putting orthodontic braces in adulthood is a source of emotional distress, especially when the solution proposed by the dentist is brackets.

For this reason, the invisible orthodontics has developed in recent years, with the spread of Invisalign, a transparent orthodontic appliance for aligning the teeth without psychological or physical impact on the patient. Removable Invisalign masks allow the patient to perform daily activities by removing the device. Let’s think, for example, of eating, brushing your teeth, and cleaning your mouth, operations that standard orthodontic treatment makes visible.

Furthermore: the results that can be obtained with Invisalign and the advice of the MC20 dentists can be monitored and planned thanks to graphic simulations that let the patient see how their mouth will be at the end of the orthodontic procedure.

If you are a teenager or an adult and you need to wear orthodontic braces, you no longer have to worry about the aesthetic and the subsequent psychological impact of this decision. Taking care of your teeth, straightening them, and having a healthy mouth means contributing to the creation of a better self-image and increasing self-esteem, also thanks to innovative solutions such as invisible braces. This way, you can correct the position of your teeth without letting people know that you wear braces and feel ashamed due to it.

Many are our patients who have already asked to correct crooked teeth and other pathologies with the use of Invisalign and were pleasantly surprised and satisfied. Contact us to find your best smile!

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