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Speed ​​Braces: the difference with traditional brackets

by Wolfgang JOHANNES

Brackets are the best known and most traditional type of appliance and are brackets glued to the teeth and tied with metal wires. The arch connecting the brackets exerts a force on the brackets and teeth and, over time, moves them to the desired position.

Today orthodontists mainly use brackets made of metal or transparent material or ceramic for an optimal result from an aesthetic point of view. Even the arch can be transparent or in the color of the teeth, and there is no shortage of self-ligating brackets in which there is not the classic metal binding, but a window.

What are brackets used for?

This type of fixed appliance has always been used to solve occlusion problems and close the spaces between the teeth or align the teeth. The plates attach one to each tooth and are connected by an orthodontic arch, while the wires pass between the wings.

This way, pressure is generated on the teeth which leads to a rapid and effective correction of their position, both in orthodontic interventions on children and adults.

What are the most common types of brackets?

Among the most common types of brackets we find:

  • Conventional Brackets: they are placed on the external part of the tooth and include aesthetic metal brackets and self-ligating ones;
  • Metal brackets: they have ligatures to fix the arch and have the advantage of correcting all malocclusions without surgery, even if they are aesthetically unsightly and cause chafing;
  • Self-ligating brackets: they are based on flaps to fix the arch and guarantee effective treatment and maximum hygiene, even if they represent a new and expensive technique;
  • Sapphire Bracket: they are transparent and blend in with the tooth, but like self-ligating ones, they are very expensive.

In addition to these types of fixed braces, there is invisible orthodontics, also proposed by the MC20 Dental Practice. In this case, a hard plastic mask is used to align the teeth, to be changed every 15 days and to be worn all day, removing it only to eat and brush your teeth. This is the best solution from an aesthetic point of view, as well as the most hygienic one.

The extra solution: SPEED BRACES for MC20 patients

MC20 orthodontists offer patients the SPEED BRACES. SPEED braces have revolutionized orthodontic treatment by eliminating the need for the elastics that traditional braces require to straighten teeth.

Instead, SPEED braces rely on a nickel-titanium “Super Elastic – Energy Storage” spring clip to straighten the teeth. The patented SPEED spring clip allows efficient tooth movement with very light forces. The result is greater patient comfort, potentially faster treatment, and fewer appointments.

SPEED BRACES are also the smallest metal brackets available today. With no rubber bands or laces in the way, most patients find SPEED easy to clean and can always count on looking great.

SPEED System Orthodontics has been at the forefront of advanced orthodontic appliance design for over 30 years. SPEED products are manufactured by Strite Industries Limited, a leading North American aerospace company.

MC20 customers who choose SPEED luminaires can count on the same technological experience underlying the production of aircraft components. All you have to do is contact our dentists to improve your smile with the SPEED BRACES appliance.

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