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Straight teeth: it’s not just about aesthetics

by Chiara Mastroleo

A crooked set of teeth is not always just an aesthetic problem, and crooked teeth can cause persistent posture problems, as MC20 dentists and orthodontists know well. Crooked teeth are at the root of much damage to health and cause increased muscle tension: this is why it is important to have straight teeth and good chewing at any age.

A harmonious smile is beautiful to look at, but behind the aesthetics, there is certainly much more, and in particular those who choose to undergo orthodontic treatment with MC20 get the following advantages:

  • Proper chewing without facial aches and pains or muscle and neck problems resulting in headaches, increased risk of gingivitis and tooth decay;
  • Better oral hygiene, as it is easier to clean straight teeth and keep gums healthy and protected;
  • Better relationships: those with a beautiful smile have greater self-confidence and this is even more true if the smile is healthy.

This is why having straight teeth is essential, and more and more people are choosing to achieve this with clear aligners, invisible braces, and aligners. Orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry that focuses on the movement of the teeth and jaws to achieve a beautiful smile and the best dental function.

What do misaligned teeth involve?

As mentioned, having straight teeth is not just a matter of aesthetics given that if the teeth are not aligned, there is a risk of dental malocclusion with chewing problems, but not just that. The jaw musculature is subjected to continuous stress and contractions and inflamations causing headaches, dizziness, and tinnitus, but also disorders in the cervical tract of the spine and more.

For this, the MC20 orthodontist is used, who will be able to correct defects using an orthodontic appliance and exploiting the principles of dental biomechanics, which reposition the dental elements for correct chewing. It is a long and delicate process to be entrusted to specialists to allow the mouth to adapt to change with no trauma.

Straight teeth: the advantages of the invisible appliance

In some cases, MC20 offers the person treatment with invisible braces and personalized invisible masks, to be worn regularly to bring the teeth into the desired position. It is an orthodontic treatment much appreciated cause it does not make the person uncomfortable from a psychological point of view as would the traditional more invasive metal braces from the aesthetic point of view.

This treatment is recommended for everyone, and due to its aesthetic appeal, it is particularly suitable for adolescents and young adults. However, even older people can obtain important benefits by using the invisible Invisalign appliance to treat malocclusion and dental overcrowding without the hassle of traditional fixed braces.

Those who want straight teeth to feel better and guarantee a feeling of well-being thanks to the newfound functionality of the mouth can count on the MC20 orthodontists and a cutting-edge treatment such as the innovative Invisalign invisible appliance. Contact us to find out more!

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