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The advantages of invisible braces

by Wolfgang JOHANNES

When most people think of the braces used to treat dental defects, what immediately comes to mind is a metal wire with a little “star” on each tooth.

Wearing braces can be a problem, especially if the patient is over thirty. This is due to both aesthetics and the often-prohibitive costs of such orthodontic procedures.

Thanks to new technologies developed in recent decades, invisible orthodontic implants have been created to address these concerns and, as well as being only minimally invasive, they are also very comfortable to wear.

Both fixed and removable braces are available.

This is an excellent solution for those looking for braces that allow the patient to show their teeth in total freedom and without any shame.

But what are the advantages of wearing this type of dental brace?

First of all and as already mentioned, invisible braces allow you to correct your smile, even as an adult. After a certain age (i.e. 30 or 40 years old), both functional and aesthetic problems can occur.

An orthodontic implant can treat a range of issues, such as:

  • overbite: when the upper dental arch protrudes too far forward and prevents the mouth closing correctly;
  • bruxism: occurs when the teeth are ground together, especially during sleep;
  • diastema: understood to mean a gap between the upper incisors. This is usually the result of the bad use of a dummy or of sucking a thumb as a newborn;
  • teeth that are chipped or that have grown in an irregular way: in most cases, this occurs as a result of trauma or a fall.

It is very important to consider your dental hygiene, as it means preventing diseases such as periodontitis. Therefore, wearing an invisible orthodontic brace is a great way of protecting your smile.

An effective alternative to traditional braces that helps to eliminate aesthetic inconvenience: fixed devices can be glued to the back of the teeth, with a transparent brace. Your orthodontist will explain not only which equipment is best suited for each specific case, but also its advantages relative to your particular problem.

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