When and why to wear braces

by Chiara Mastroleo
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More and more parents are faced with a common dilemma as their children grow up: is it right to fix crooked teeth with dental braces? When is it time to go to the dentist? We at MC20 recommend you to have your first dental check already around three years of age to have a beautiful and healthy smile even as an adult.

Why wear braces?

Dental braces are born to realign teeth that grow crooked. For this reason, it is hard to clean them and face cavities and gum problems, including severe periodontitis. Not only that: good dental appliances are also perfect when the teeth of the two arches do not match, and there is a risk of stress on the gums and the supporting bone.

In addition to this, a crooked dentition leads to chewing inefficiency and headaches, which also involve the joints of the mouth. Using dental braces as a child means preventing these problems even in adulthood, saving on future interventions with much higher costs. Let’s see three things you (maybe) don’t know about braces.

Is it possible to eat with the tooth brace?

Many people are afraid of ruining their fixed braces by eating but just observe some precautions. For example, who wears tooth brace should avoid soft, sticky food. However, even foods that are too hard are not suitable as they can break the braces and cause pain, especially in the days following application and adjustment. What to do then?

MC20’s recommendation is to avoid hard and crunchy foods and chewing gums or candies, foods to absolutely avoid if you wear orthodontic braces.

The breaking of the braces also depends on the way you eat, and ignoring its presence leads to the risk of breaking the brackets. To avoid this situation, it is advisable to cut the food into small pieces and use your teeth correctly for chewing and biting. In particular, it is important to use the molars for chewing, to reduce discomfort to incisors and canines.

What to do if the appliance causes pain in the lips and cheeks?

In addition to the discomfort of having a foreign body in their mouth, many people who wear braces report pain in their lips, cheeks, and tongue. The dentist should check that there are no sharp wires or excessive friction. A good solution is to coat the appliance with wax, however, if the discomfort continues it is best to immediately contact the dental office to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Adults and the invisible braces: do you know Invisalign?

Still little known, the invisible brace is the ideal solution for adults who need to find the best smile and do not want to look like teenagers. The Invisalign invisible braces has become increasingly used in adulthood to avoid embarrassment in interpersonal relationships and solve rapidly any misalignments that worsen over time.

Crooked teeth are more prone to plaque and tartar and facilitate the onset of gum problems. For this reason, MC20 dental practice also makes invisible braces such as Invisalign available to patients.

These invisible aligners are the best solution for straightening teeth and are removable, so you can eat in complete peace and do a thorough cleaning of your teeth after meals.

MC20: the smile specialists

There is nothing easier and more immediate than diagnosing crooked teeth: from a simple smile, the MC20 specialists will know if the braces are right for you. Of course, it is up to the dentist to determine the extent of the damage and the severity of the misalignment and then act accordingly.

Children, teens, and adults can now solve the problem of crooked teeth effectively, wearing the latest generation braces capable of making the smile more beautiful and healthy after a few months. Not only that: contacting a state-of-the-art dental center allows you to count on a device that is no longer a means of torture. As we have seen, Invisalign is the invisible appliance capable of combining aesthetic pleasantness and treatment.

Find out more and book your dental visit!

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