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New MC20 orthodontic implants benefit the local community

by Giorgio Sana

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry concerned with correcting the position of teeth and dental arches. Finding a trusted and qualified orthodontist can make all the difference in caring for our teeth. It is with great excitement that we announce the opening of two new branches of MC20 Orthodontist de Geneve in your local community. These new locations offer many benefits to patients and the community as a whole.

Benefits of the new premises

Improved accessibility

Convenience**: Proximity to an orthodontic clinic makes it easier for patients to care for their teeth without having to travel long distances.

Saves time and money**: Proximity to an orthodontic clinic can reduce transportation costs and the time spent travelling to the clinic, giving patients easier access to the care they need.

Greater availability of care

Appointment flexibility**: with two sites available, patients can more easily find an appointment that fits their schedule.

Reduced waiting times**: having multiple sites can mean shorter waiting times for an orthodontic consultation or treatment.

Community involvement

Job creation**: the opening of new sites is accompanied by the creation of employment opportunities for local professionals, helping to support the local economy.

Involvement in community activities**: MC20 may be able to actively participate in community programs and initiatives, strengthening its presence and supporting the local community.

Importance of having an orthodontist close to home

More regular, ongoing care

Ease of appointment scheduling**: By having the orthodontist close by, patients are more likely to make regular appointments for orthodontic treatment, helping to improve treatment results.

Consistent follow-up**: The clinic’s close proximity enables more frequent and timely monitoring of treatment progress, ensuring that any problems can be resolved quickly.

Improved dental health

Prevention and early treatment**: proximity to the orthodontic clinic can encourage the prevention and early treatment of orthodontic problems, reducing the likelihood of long-term complications.

Support and advice**: proximity to the orthodontist can foster better communication and support during treatment, encouraging patients to follow their doctor’s instructions.

Where to find us

Addresses and contact details for our new sites can be found on our contact page, where you’ll also find a direct contact form.

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