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Why do teeth become crooked again when taking braces off?

by Wolfgang JOHANNES

Straightening your teeth with dental or orthodontic braces involves not only psychological but also economic sacrifices. For this reason, once the treatment is finished, we hope that the efforts have not been in vain and that the teeth remain straight and beautiful forever. Yet this does not always happen and the risk is that the teeth will become crooked again. This is known as orthodontic recidivism. Let’s see why it occurs and a possible solution.

Orthodontic recidivism: why teeth become crooked again

Usually after the end of a period with a fixed braces the teeth tend to resume their natural position with an orthodontic movement, and become crooked again. This is because the tooth tissue has its own memory, but also because of the muscle acts on the mouth causing small dental displacements. This situation occurs throughout life, even on those who have never worn braces.

These are forces that easily move the aligned teeth, especially if the new position is not yet consolidated. The cause of these movements are also flawed habits, such as bruxism, onychophagy, breathing and putting objects in the mouth, but not only.

Dental braces: what to do if your teeth have lost their alignment

When the teeth lose alignment and become crooked again, in many cases it is necessary to replace the orthodontic braces and start a new orthodontic therapy. A difficult choice, given that there are so many inconveniences and discomforts that traditional fixed tooth braces cause and this is why we tend to leave the teeth as they are.

In reality, today, it is possible to realign teeth avoiding the unpleasant situations just described thanks to lingual orthodontics without brackets. It is an invisible solution that reduces annoyances and speech alterations or tongue lesions. Alternatively, you can opt for a retaining solution (retainer) to be worn throughout life or at least for 2-3 years with check-ups every 4 months to check the situation of the teeth. At the end of this retaining phase, an annual check will be sufficient to correct the small natural displacements of the teeth.

As you can see, even if the teeth become crooked again at the end of the orthodontic therapy, there is a solution to this common situation, especially if you contact competent dentists.

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